Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special racism claim

39 years after it's first broadcast there are some people actually screaming racism over the dinner scene. They claim that Charlie Brown's black friend Franklin is treated with disrespect compared to the rest of the guest.
Here's the evidence..

Franklin sitting by himself

Franklin forced to sit lower than everyone else on a broken down chair. Remember this was the same chair that kicked Snoopy's ass.

You decide...

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  1. I think Charles Schultz is making a strong political statement.
    The whole point of the first Thanksgiving was that the Whites and Natives were coming together in peace.
    By placing Franklin on the opposite side in a crappy chair is representative of the fact that the White race was at that point (the early 70s) still socially segregating African Americans.
    Just a thought.


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