Monday, September 3, 2012

The mystery of Klaatu and the Beatles

A new mysterious group from Canada sprouted up in the mid 1970's titled Klaatu. Mysterious in the fact that nobody knew anything about this new group other than the release of their debut album which provided no information on it's cover or sleeve liner notes. This album in fact started rumors flying that Klaatu were actually the Beatles secretly reforming and playing mind games with their fans and the world. The group never letting a great marketing ploy go to waste seized and thrived on these rumors which almost rivaled the 'Paul is Dead' craze for a couple more years until the release of their third album. Finally all rumors were put to rest and any silly notions of a secret Beatle reunion ended. Below is an informative link for more interesting information on the Klaatu and Beatles connection.

From their debut album sounding McCartneyesqe

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